Classes We Offer

“We offer a large selection of disciplines of dance so students can find their niche. I have parents ask me all the time about which classes their child should take.

Some love the Ballet classes, others were cut-out to do Hip Hop. Some take Jazz and/or Tap. Musical Theatre and Ballroom are also popular classes. We actually have students studying all available disciplines.

What matters the most to me, is that the child enjoys his/ her dance experience. If the student becomes serious about a career in dance, then I always suggest taking everything they can, including voice and acting classes.”

— Teri Jernigan, Director



  • Basic Ballet
  • Ballet I
  • Ballet II
  • Ballet III/IV and Pointe
  • Adult Ballet


  • Basic Tap B
  • Basic Tap A
  • Tap I/II
  • Tap III/IV
  • Beginner Adult Tap
  • Adult Tap
  • Adult Tap II


  • Basic Jazz A
  • Basic Jazz B
  • Jazz I
  • Jazz II
  • Jazz III/IV
  • Adult Jazz


  • Adult Ballroom
  • Youth Ballroom

Hip Hop

  • Hip Hop I
  • Hip Hop II
  • Hip Hop III/IV


  • Creative 3 year olds (H)
  • Creative 4/5 year olds (H)
  • Creative 4/5 year olds (A)

And More...

  • Contemporary
  • TJ Hoofers, Inc. Jazz Line (by audition only)
  • Musical Theater 8 - 12 year olds
  • Musical Theater 12 years & up