Dress Code

Rules For All Dancers

  • No gum inside the dance studio. It is a choking hazard to the student and extremely hard to get off the carpet and wood floors.
  • All hair must be pulled back and out of the face, including bangs clipped back (i.e. ponytail, braid, bun, etc.)
  • No dangling jewelry i.e. necklaces, clunky rings or earrings (studded earrings are allowed).
  • All Students are expected to wear their dance shoes to class.
  • If a student doesn't come prepared for class by following the dress code, then they may be asked by their teacher to sit out during class.
  • Tights and shoes can be purchased through the studio at the front desk.

Creative & Ballet Students

  • Pink tights, pink ballet slippers and a leotard- any color leotard is fine.
  • Skirts are optional; however they must be the solid color, wrap around class skirts.
  • NO FULL SKIRTS OR TUTUS. Remember that this is not dress up time, you're in class.
  • Hair must be pulled back out of the face in a secure bun.

Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap & Modern Students

  • No Jeans!
  • Form fitting, non-restricting clothing, i.e. tights, leotard, sweats, tank tops or shorts.
  • Jazz pants, capris or leggings are the correct attire for Jazz, Tap and Modern.
  • Hip Hop students need clean sneakers for studio use only. (No dirty street shoes in the studio please!). We have Hip Hop shoes available for sale.
  • Hair must be pulled back, out of the face.